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Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment is CLOSED

As a member of IUPAT DC 21, you are eligible to participate in our Voluntary Benefits Program. Voluntary Benefits are offered to help address the individual needs of you and your family with advantages that otherwise might not be available to you on your own. Your voluntary benefit offerings are designed to complement your benefits package and provide additional security for you and your family.

ALL MEMBERS: Benefits are offered Guaranteed Issue (no medical questions), therefore it is required to Accept or Waive the benefits.

What do you get?

Options: You may choose your level of coverage; one that both fits your needs and is easy on your paycheck.  Your decision will not change the benefits being provided under any employer-sponsored benefit program.
Convenience: Voluntary benefits are paid through the convenience of payroll deduction
Acceptance: In many cases, you and immediate family members will have a better opportunity to obtain coverage through this offering than you would on your own, especially if any medical conditions or concerns are present.
Portability: Many of these programs may be taken with you with no change in premium or benefit if you leave employment or retire.

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Term Life Insurance

Life Insurance helps take care of your loved one’s immediate and future financial needs following your death.  Immediate needs can include burial/funeral expenses, uninsured medical costs and current bills and debts.  Future needs could include income replacement, education plans, ongoing family obligations, emergency funds, and retirement expenses.

  • 15 Year Protection
  • Member Coverage from $5,000 – $50,000
  • Family Coverage:
    • Spouse up to 50% of insured – $25,000 max
    • Children – $5,000 or $10,000
  • Premiums do not increase during the policy term
  • Portable  with same coverage and cost
  • Accident Death & Dismemberment – pays additional benefits for an accidental loss of life or specific limb of insured

Accident Insurance with Disability Benefits

Unexpected accidents can also mean unexpected out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages (time off work). Accident with Disability benefits can provide a monthly income for either a sickness or accident (on or off the job). In addition, it will pay cash benefits for accident related services such as hospital stays, medical or surgical treatments, dislocations or fractures, and transportation by ambulance which can be costly and add up quickly Accident Insurance can help with some of these expenses so your finances can remain healthy.

  • Guaranteed Issue – Coverage is available to you, your spouse and dependent children regardless of health history
  • Disability Sickness or Accident Income Included – $1,500/month (14 day waiting period and 12 month benefit). This income pays a monthly benefit for Total Disability as a result of a covered sickness or accident (on or off the job) as described on the brochure (link below) – see policy for full details and description
  • Benefits are paid directly to you – use the money however you see fit (see the schedule of benefits on the the brochure (link below)
  • On and off the job coverage

Critical Illness Insurance

No one knows what lies ahead on the road of life. Will you suffer a stroke, a heart attack or be diagnosed with cancer? The signs pointing to a critical illness are not always clear and may not be preventable, but Critical Illness Insurance can help offer financial protection in the event you are diagnosed.

  • Member Coverage – up to $10,000
    • Spouse Coverage – 50% of member coverage
    • Children Coverage – 25% of member coverage
  • Recurrence Benefit – If an insured has a recurrence of the same critical illness, seperated by 12 months, the lump sum benefit is payable again
  • Covers major illnesses – Policies generally cover illnesses such as cancer, heart attack, coronary artery disease,
    paralysis, kidney failure, and many more
  • Use the money for any purpose – You choose what you want to do with the money

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Example:  John Doe – DOB = 08/04/1965
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Premier Worksite Benefits
P: (866) 463-8808, Option 4
Mon-Fri 9am-4pm EST